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Electric Series Diamond Wire Cutting Machine, 

55 kW 80 hp power engine,1 frame and the back of the electrical panel, the frame at the front of the idler pulley and the main pulley, the main pulley. main pulley have a mudguard.The mudguard provide to minimize the dangers that may occur in the cutting of the wire service of the fender.

Machine movement is cable and remote controlled and the walking system is controlled by 2hp 1.5kw motor inverter. In this feature, it becomes faster and safer to cut. The 3 blocks of 2-meter rail under the block-cutting machine. Cutting process cutting of the diamond wire with the help of large and small marble pulley allows to cut the block marble.

In the serial block machine with electric diamond wire, water is sent to the cutting area with hoses while the cutting is in progress and controlled by valve. When cutting the mountain, it is ensured that the powder is kept at the minimum level and the powder is removed from the cutting zone.