V.H.B.C.M 50/40 HP


The model V.H.B.C.M machine cuts at the same time both vertically and horizontally with one or two blades.


Technical Features

Frame Heavy steel structureal
Motor Power Of Vertical Blades 50 Hp Electric Motor
Motor Power Of Horizontal Blades 40 Hp Electric Motor
Sliding Machine Long of rail is 20 m (it's possible to have different size) the machine slides thanks to 4 wheel like railway
Backward and Forward Movements Thanks to hydraulic system machine move easly backward and forward
Vertical Cut 40 cm max.
Horizontal Cut 30 cm max.
Feeding Machine Electric with alternating current 380 volt's 50 Hz.
Total Power On Blades 90 Hp
Hydraulic Engine Power 15 Hp